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Taxes and Assessments FAQ

How are taxes calculated?

The formula for calculating residential real estate properties is as follows:

Appraised value x 11.5% = Assessed value x mill levy-$46.00*= Taxes**

* Residential properties receive a credit on the first $20,000 of assessment on the general portion of the school mill levy. This calculates to $46.00 per property.

** This will not include any specials that might be assessed such as sidewalks, streets, etc.

How do I calculate the property taxes on my property?

This is how you can calculate the property taxes on your property:

  • Looking at your notice of value, find the "appraised value" of your property. Multiply the appraised value by the "assessment percentage" for your property _ (appraised value) times _% (assessment percentage) = assessed value
  • Multiply the assessed value by your "mill levy" and then divide by 1,000 to estimate the property tax you owe. _ (assessed value) times _ (mill levy) divided by 1,000 = tax bill

Contact your county clerk to find out what your mill levy is.

I need a copy or receipt of my property tax payments?

Real estate and personal property payment history can be found online through the Property Search page.

The website contains only Real Estate information. Personal property history can be obtained by contacting our office 785-832-5178. Payment information for your car tags can be found on your registration. If you want the amount paid please be prepared with a plate number for each vehicle, you can call us at 785-832-5273.

What is local sales tax?

The county voters passed a 1.0% countywide sales tax in 1994.  The countywide sales tax goes to the county and cities based on formulas.  The main purpose of this tax for the county was to build a new jail and health facility, and to reduce ad valorem taxes.

The county voters passed a 0.25% sales tax in 2018 for the purpose of financing the costs of providing mental health services for the county. Collection of the sales tax began April 1, 2019.