Food Policy Council (FPC) Meeting on Mon, October 17, 2022 - 6:30 PM

Meeting Information

Monday, October 17, 2022

6:30pm to 8:30pm

1006 New Hampshire, Lawrence and Zoom:


  1. Administrative Items: 6:30-6:40pm
    • Determine quorum of members, agenda approval
    • Approval of September meeting minutes
    • Leadership updates
      1. Roll call and hybrid meetings communications.
      2. Membership:
        1. New Douglas County appointed member: Christine Ebert, FPC Public Health Liaison.
        2. FPC membership overview.
    • Shout outs
  2. Public Comment: up to 3 minutes per person, please

Welcome to the monthly business meeting of the Food Policy Council. Please use the Public Comment period to share your food system interests, questions, and work with the Council. Due to limited meeting time, please refrain from interjecting comment or questions during the business portions of the meeting. However, Council leadership or members will be happy to continue discussion with you after the meeting:


  1. KFB Casten Fellowship Funding Request: 6:40-6:50pm
    • Member partial funding request to cover KFB Casten Fellowship program fees.
      1. Request for additional funding between $550 and $1,000.
  2. Common Ground & Health Equity Updates: 6:50-7:20pm
    • Presented by Sustainability Office Staff.
  3. Urban Ag Water Rates: 7:20-7:25pm
    • Updates provided by FPC Chair.
  4. Ag. Eco Devo Report Update: 7:25-7:30pm
    • Updates provided by Sustainability Staff and members of Food and Farm.
  5. Member Roles: 7:25-7:30pm
    • Vice Chair nominations.
  6. Urban Farm Systems Symposium: 7:30-7:50pm
    • Sustainability Staff and FPC members will share debriefs from sessions attended: Jamie, Emily, Margit, Tyler, and Ryan. Debriefs from each attendee will be capped at 4 minutes.
  7. Community Engagement: 7:50-8:00pm
    • Kaw Valley Farm Tour debrief.
    • Farmers Market and Holiday Market.
  8. KFAN Convening: 8:00pm-8:10pm
    • Presentation by FPC Chair.
  9. KFAN Mini Grant Proposal: 8:10-8:20pm
      1. Informing Policy: Stipend for socially disadvantaged folks to help engage and guide our policy work from their lived experience in the food system.


  1. Member Updates: 8:20-8:30pm


  1. Adjourn


Next Meeting: November 21, 2022 - 1006 New Hampshire, Lawrence and Zoom @ 6:30pm


1006 New Hampshire, Lawrence or Zoom:
1006 New Hampshire St, Lawrence, KS 66044, USA