Commission Board Meeting on Mon, May 17, 2004 - 8:00 AM

Meeting Information


      -Pledge of Allegiance



      (1)    Consider approval of Biosciences Study Funding request (Ted Haggert)


      (2)    Discussion of Emergency Medical Dispatch (Jim Denney)


      (3)    Discussion of wireless E-911 (Jim Denney)


      (4)    Consider approval of resolution approving a text amendment to the Douglas County Zoning Regulations for telecommunication towers (Keith Dabney)


      (5)    Other Business

(a)   Consider approval of Accounts Payable (if necessary)

(b)   Appointments

(c)   Miscellaneous

(d)   Public Comment 


CONSENT AGENDAJones called the meeting to order at 8:03 A.M. on Monday, May 17, 2004 with all members present. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Ted Haggert, Co-Chair of the Biosciences Task Force, appeared before the Board requesting additional funding for the completion of the biosciences impact study. Haggert explained that after making presentations to the City and County Commissions and revising the scope of the study, it was learned that the study will cost $35,000 instead of the estimated $24,120. The Biosciences Task force is requesting that the City, County, Chamber and KU split the additional amount bringing each entities total to $8,750.

McElhaney expressed concerns about future ongoing costs. McElhaney then made a motion to approve the requested $8,750 for the Biosciences Study; Jones seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

The Board discussed equipment, software and training for implementation of an emergency medical dispatch program for Douglas County. Jim Denney, Director of Emergency Communications, Mark Bradford, Deputy Chief of the Lawrence- Douglas County Fire & Medical Department, and Dr. Scott Robinson, Medical Director, were present for the discussion. Denney explained that Emergency Communications is requesting authorization for the following:

1. Negotiate and contract with Priority Dispatch of Salt Lake City, Utah to provide equipment, software and training for implementation of an emergency medical dispatch program in Douglas County; and
2. Negotiate and contract with Sungard H.T.E., Inc. to provide the necessary computer software to integrate the Priority Dispatch program in to the existing Computer Assisted Dispatch program.

The 911 Fee Fund could be utilized for this purchase and sufficient funds exist at this time to cover the costs. This program would provide better consistency, prioritizes types of calls, and gives the number and types of units to respond. This has been approved by the Kansas State Trauma Committee and it is believed that it will be mandated in the State Trauma Plan.

Dr. Robinson stated he believed it was unacceptable to not have a standardized priority dispatch system in place.

Program costs include the following initial and ongoing funding:

Initial Costs
Priority Dispatch software and licensing (ECC primary) $31,592
Priority Dispatch software and licensing (KU back-up) $6,200
Priority Dispatch training $14,100
Sungard H.T.E. Cad interface software $12,935
Priority Dispatch implementation training and consultation
(daily cost) $1,500

Ongoing Costs
Establish Dispatcher II position for EMD certified
dispatchers $30,000
Licensing $1,100

Jones stated he was convinced that the equipment should be purchased but he
was struggling with the pay increase.

Jones then made a motion to authorize the purchase of the equipment as
outlined above, and directed Denney to come back to the Board for justification
for the position reclassification request. Motion was seconded by McElhaney and
carried unanimously.

Jim Denney, Director of Emergency Communications, conducted a brief
presentation regarding installation of cellular enhanced 911 in Douglas County.
Denney outlined the following options:

Make formal requests of the cellular companies in Douglas County to provide
enhanced 911 data.
This would be an action leading toward contracts with individual telephone
companies and would begin the tolling of FCC regulated timetables for the
delivery of such services; and
Have an initial cost of about $40,000 and annual costs of about $13,000
plus equipment repairs and upgrades. All costs would be eligible to be paid
from the new cell phone 911 fee. (These costs are in addition to the annual
$110,000 cost for wireline enhanced 911 and equipment repairs and


Make formal application to Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) to join their
regional 911 system.
This would not be a binding action, but a request for a contract proposal if
application is accepted by MARC.
Initial cost may be approximately $275,000 for initial equipment purchase
and buy-in and an estimated $110,000 to $150,000 annual cost. All
equipment repairs and upgrades are included in the annual cost.

Denney stated that the 911 Board recommended application to MARC.

Nelson Krueger was also present for the discussion and stated the County could
apply to see the costs, but would need to be sure to have a way to get out of it, if

Denney noted that no firm decision will be made until the dollar amounts are

Jones made a motion to authorize the 911 Board to submit a formal application
to MARC to join their regional 911 system and requested that Krueger be kept in
the loop. Motion was seconded by McElhaney and carried unanimously.

The Board discussed a proposed resolution amending the Douglas County
Zoning regulations regarding communication towers less than 100 feet in length.
Keith Dabney, Director of Zoning & Codes, was present for the discussion. No
action was taken.

Johnson moved approval of the following Consent Agenda:

  • Approve Commissioners Order Nos. 5239 and 5240. Orders are on file in the office of the County Clerk;
  • Approve Agreement between Douglas County, Kansas and the Kansas Turnpike Authority to sell 1.23 acres of ground for $5,375.00;
  • Approve Resolution No. 04-20 granting a beer license to Clinton Marina;
  • Authorize Notice to Clinton Township for Pipeline Productions; and
  • Pull the item "Consider approval of 2004-2005 Health Insurance Plan" for discussion.

Motion was seconded by Jones and carried unanimously.

INSURANCE 05-17-04
Pam Madl, Director of Administrative Services, stated the current plan year has
proceeded as expected. One major claim reached the specific reinsurance limit
of $100,000 and several others acme in at about $50,000. At the end of March
2004, we had experienced expenses in the approximate amount of $2.7 million,
an increase of approximately $400,000 over the same time frame last plan year,
for a 17% increase. Pharmacy represents $470,000 of the 2003-04 expenses,
and $393,400 of the 2002-03 expenses, for an increase of 19.3%.

Madl outlined the following proposed plan changes:



Generic Drugs

Brand Name Drugs

Brand Name Drugs when generic is available





At no time will the employee pay more than the cost of the drug

Generic Drugs

Preferred Brands

Non-Preferred Brands

Non-sedating antihistamines no longer covered (Clarinex, Allegra-D, etc.). Protein pump inhibitors: Generic at $8.00, Aciphex at $25.00, all others are $40 + difference after prior authorization. Any drug costing more than $1,200 will not be filled until a clinical review has occurred. Quantities will be limited based on manufacturer's recommended usage. Compound drugs will be $40 or 50% of the cost of the compound, whichever is highest.



$40.00 plus the cost difference between the brand name and the generic.


The only change recommended for the medical side of the health insurance plan
is the well care coverage. The plan coverage for well care has always been $250
per member per year. With rising costs for such things as mammograms and
immunizations, the committee has recommended the following change.


Current Plan

Proposed Plan

Ages 0-2


$15 co-pay for all well visits. After that co-pay, everything paid at 100%

Ages 2+



Madl also explained that this change will encourage members to continue with
their well care which promotes a healthier work force. It is estimated that this
change will cost the plan approximately $100,000.

Current Premiums

Employee only


Employee +1




Jones excused himself at 10:02 A.M.

Johnson made a motion to adopt the 2004-2005 plan changes as outlined above
and increase the premiums for employees 2% (or the nearest dollar upward) per
pay period. Motion was seconded and carried 2-0-1.

McElhaney moved approval of accounts payable in the amount of $179,419.25
to be paid 05/17/04; accounts payable manual checks in the amount of
$2,134.24; payroll in the amount of $594,845.24; and electronic funds transfers
in the amounts of $43,973.28 for FICA and $34,889.76 for KPERS to be paid
05/14/04. Motion was seconded by Johnson and carried.

McElhaney made a motion to adjourn; Johnson seconded and the motion

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Charles Jones, Chairman Bob Johnson, Member


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Patty Jaimes, County Clerk Jere McElhaney, Member


County Courthouse
1100 Massachusetts St, Lawrence, KS 66044, USA