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Property and Taxes

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Appraiser's Office

The Appraiser's Office is responsible for the appraisal of all real estate, both commercial and residential, and the appraisal of all personal property in the county. The office also has a GIS/mapping section that provides mapping services for both the county and the public.

Treasurer's Office

The Treasurer's Office provides services related to Motor Vehicles and Taxes for Douglas County, Kansas.

County Clerk

The County Clerk's Office is responsible for paying all of the County Claims and Payroll for County employees. We assist in filling out the Homestead and Food Sales Tax forms. As an agent for the State Wildlife and Parks we provide Fish and Hunting License, Park Permits and Boat Permits.

Zoning and Codes

Zoning is a critical tool used to allow certain land uses in an organized manner, this includes transportation, infrastructure, floodplain, agricultural preservation and promotion, open space as well as other land uses. We are passionate about educating the public while responding to an unprecedented number of general land use questions regarding land sales and property acquisition.

The Sheriff's Office is divided into two main administrative areas: Operations and Corrections

Register of Deeds

The Register of Deeds office serves as a recording and information center for real estate located in Douglas County. If you have ever bought or sold property, you have interacted with a similar office. The name of this office may vary from state to state, but its role is the same. We are the custodians and preserver of all records concerning parcels of land in Douglas County including deeds, mortgages, maps/subdivision plats, and other documents pertaining to real estate.

Geographical Information Systems

GIS is responsible for maintaining the GIS systems for Douglas County, Kansas.

Public Works

The Public Works Department maintains 224 miles of County roads, 157 bridges, 1,100 culverts, Lone Star Lake and seven County park sites. The Engineering Division provides design, surveying, construction contracting and inspection, and permitting of work within road rights-of-way.