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Who We Are

Our Mission
The Heritage Conservation Council of Douglas County promotes the conservation of our cultural and natural heritage to honor our past, enrich our present, and inspire our future.

The Heritage Conservation Council makes recommendations to the Douglas County Commission on how to best establish a framework to conserve our natural & cultural heritage for future generations and to enhance economic benefits of tourism, local agriculture, and other endeavors based on such conservation efforts.

Background DocumentsNatural Cultural Heritage Taskforce Final Report (PDF format)     HCC Resolution 11-19 (PDF format)

  1. Background - Heritage Conservation Council 2011 – 2019
    Establishment of the Heritage Conservation Council and Statement of Purpose (Douglas County Code, Chapter 14 Heritage Conservation Plan)
    1. Ensure the conservation of the County’s natural and cultural resources.
    2. Identify, conserve and promote the County's natural resources, prehistoric, historic and cultural heritage through an ongoing surveys and studies of natural and cultural heritage resources.
    3. Implement the strategies and goals contained in Chapter 11 of Horizon 2020 (the County’s Comprehensive Plan) for the protection, development and utilization of historic resources.
    4. Foster civic pride and promote tourism, particularly as related to the natural resources, pre-settlement history, settlement history, and the themes encompassed in Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area.
    5. Work in concert with the State Historic Preservation Officer and observe the State Preservation Act, contained at K.S.A. 75-2701 et seq., as amended.
    6. Support education programs to increase public awareness of and support for the County’s historic environment.

         14-103. The Heritage Conservation Plan is designed to be used in the unincorporated territory of Douglas County, Kansas and is to be used in conjunction with any existing zoning regulations. (HR-13-11-4)

  1. Purpose of heritage conservation council (DOUGLAS COUNTY RESOLUTION NO.11-19 Section 2). HCC Resolution 11-19 (PDF format)

The purpose of the Council is to ensure the conservation of Douglas County's natural and cultural resources. Toward this end, the council will:

  1. Administer the Douglas County Natural and Cultural Heritage Grant program
  2. Monitor the ongoing inventory of natural and cultural resources
  3. Pursue the designation of Douglas County as a Certified Local Government (CLG) 
  4. Adopt its own operational procedures, and
  5. Carry out any other task assigned by the Douglas County Commission

Council Members

Amy Van de Riet, Chair, Survey & CLG Committees
Jenny Trucano Muller, Vice Chair, Communications Committee
Mike Delaney, CLG Committee
Roger Boyd, Survey Committee
Lindsay Crick, CLG Committee
Patti Beedles, Communications Committee
Nicholaus Pumphrey, Survey Committee


  • Kaitlin Stanley, Heritage Conservation Program Coordinator. Email: Phone: 785-330-2878, Ext. 5878. 
    Office Location: 1006 New Hampshire Street, Lawrence, KS 66044
  • Lynne Zollner, Planner, City of Lawrence


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Heritage Conservation Council (HCC)