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Who We Are

The FPC is currently recruiting to fill several vacancies. If one of the designations listed as vacant below describes you, or if you are interested in lending lived or professional experience or personal interest, particularly as relates to cultural diversity, healthy food, food security, equity, entreprenuership, and/or the food economy, consider filling out an interest form


The Food Policy Council was established by the County Commission in 2010, and formed as a joint City-County advisory body with the City of Lawrence in 2013.


The Food Policy Council (FPC) seeks to identify the benefits, challenges and opportunities for a successful, sustainable local food system in Douglas County, Kansas. 


To this end, the purpose of the FPC is:

  1. To advise elected officials on food-system related policy issues and
  2. To provide a community forum for local food system development.


Read our bylaws to learn more about our purpose and structure. 


The FPC works to help advance community progress towards the following goals, which form the structure for the Douglas County Food System Plan (adopted summer 2017). 

  • Goal 1: Agricultural producers, food entrepreneurs, and food sector workers thrive in our regional economy.
  • Goal 2: As our cities grow, we prioritize natural resource conservation and maintain working lands to promote soil health. 
  • Goal 3: We build and design our communities to ensure food access, foster health, and eliminate food deserts. 
  • Goal 4: Our community fosters an equitable food system. 
  • Goal 5: Our community eliminates waste in our local food system. 


As a joint county and city appointed group, the Food Policy Council has a diverse group of stakeholders, from agricultural producers to extension agents, retail food partners and more. This diverse membership allows for more collaboration across the county and city to strengthen our local food system. Below is the current roster and the sector of the food system that each board member represents.

County Commission Appointees (9):City Commission Appointees (7):

Ashley Hornberger Agricultural Producer 

Cody Haynes Agricultural Producer

<Vacant> Land/Water Conservation / Sustainable Ag Liaison

Ryan Bowersox 

<Vacant> Agricultural Producer 

<Vacant> Public Health Organization

Margit Kaltenekker K-State Research & Extension-Douglas County Liaison

<Vacant> Agricultural Producer | Douglas County Farm Bureau Liaison

Tamara Cash Lawrence Chamber of Commerce Liaison

Erin Melton 

Dietrich Earnhart 

Elizabeth Keever 

Maggie Bornholdt

Emily Lysen 

<Vacant> City of Lawrence Sustainability Advisory Board Liaison

Tyler Lindquist, Chair 


Council Staff Liaison:

Connie Fitzpatrick, Food Systems Specialist

E:    P: 785-330-2873