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FEMA Publications

Relevant FEMA documents that pertain to floodplain and development within Douglas County.

>Above the Flood: Elevating Your Floodprone House, FEMA-347

This booklet provides elevation techniques for flood-prone houses.

>Answers to Questions About the National Flood Insurance Program, F-084

This booklet provides a basic understanding of the National Flood Insurance Program.

>Elevated Residential Structures, FEMA-54

This manual aids in planning the construction of elevated residential structures in flood-prone areas.

>Protecting Manufactured Homes from Floods and Other Hazards, FEMA P-85

This publication provides a best practices approach for reducing damages from natural hazards.

>Protecting Building Utiliites from Flood Damage, FEMA-P-348

This document provides information to assist in the construction of building utility systems.

>Protecting Floodplain Resources, FEMA-268

This guidebook provides a basic understanding of natural resources in floodplains.

>Reducing Damage from Localized Flooding, FEMA-511

This guide helps local agencies understand what they can do to reduce damages from localized flooding.

>Floodplain Management Requirements for Agricultural Structures and Accessory Structures

This floodplain management bulletin clarifies and refines the requirements that apply to certain agricultural structures and accessory structures proposed to be located in Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHAs).

>Floodproofing Non-Residential Buildings

An overview of techniques and considerations related to floodproofing non-residential buildings. 

>Reducing Flood Risk to Residential Buildings That Cannot Be Elevated

A look at flood protection measures availalbe as alternatives to traditional structural elevation for some homeowners.