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Detention Day School

Detention Day School is a collaborative program between USD497 and Douglas County. The program was established in April of 1998. This program allows juveniles to remain in the community while still receiving the additional support they need.

  • Academic Instruction/Testing
  • Individual Education Plan (IEP) Management
  • GED Preparation and Assessment
  • Virtual School Coordination
  • Transportation
  • USDA – Free and Reduced Breakfast and Lunch Program
  • Academic Materials (Computers, Books, Desks etc.)
  • Counseling – Bert Nash Mental Health Center
  • Art Instruction – Lawrence Arts Center
  • Staff Support
  • Positive Behavior Supports
  • Transportation (as needed)
    • Transportation to and from school is provided by USD497, USD491, USD348, and USD343 as ordered by the judge.
    • Should the juvenile be kept after school for any reason or amount of time and the school bus is unavailable, one of the Detention Center staff members will provide them with transportation home.
  • Surveillance
  • Random Drug Testing
  • Students have more resources if they are struggling with school work
  • Students are able to remain in the community while still receiving more intensive supervision
  • Students are able to complete credits toward obtaining their high school diploma
  • Students must be placed at Day Detention School by the Court
  • Students in Day School follow the USD497 high school attendance calendar

Department Contacts

Name Job Title Phone Number Email Address
Pam Weigand Director 785-331-1311
Leigh Housman Assistant Director - Youth Services 785-331-1314
Casey Crane Detention Operations Manager 785-331-1305
Paula Rapp Administrative Services Supervisor 785-331-1307
Robin Rooks Juvenile Services Officer Supervisor 785-331-1306
Jennifer Hylton Juvenile Services Officer 785-331-1309
Kate Holman Juvenile Services Officer - Truancy 785-331-1308
Rick West Juvenile Services Officer 785-331-1319
Megan Thomas Juvenile Services Officer - Juvenile Intake 785-331-1328