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DCYS Responsibilities

DCYS Truancy Supervisor Responsibilities

  • Meet with all junior high, high school administrators, and the truancy interns at the beginning of the school year.
  • Assist in training truancy interns.
  • Assist in assigning truancy interns to schools.
  • Review DCYS paperwork with interns.
  • Assist in assigning referrals to truancy interns.
    • Insure validity of Truancy Report Form (has student accumulated unexcused absences equaling 3 consecutive or 5 in a semester, each of which is at least on hour a day).  Do not count suspensions as unexcused absences.
    • Schedule an appointment to meet with the family and explain the choice between going to court and the diversion program.
    • If the family chooses the program, the DCYS truancy supervisor will have the parent and student sign 3 copies of the Diversion Agreement.  If they choose to go to court, a referral will promptly be sent to the District   Attorney.
  • Hold supervision meetings with each intern on a weekly basis.
  • Make sure DCYS truancy files are updated accurately on a weekly basis.
  • Act as liaison between DCYS and the schools, maintaining good communication and an effective relationship.
  • Hold office hours at DCYS.
  • Manage the majority of phone calls and help truancy interns with crisis intervention.
  • Meet with student and families monthly.
  • Update KU program supervisors (Jan Sheldon and Graduate Teaching Assistants) as to the progress of the interns.
  • Evaluate truancy intern contacts with their student during the semester.
  • Assist in reassigning cases to truancy interns who have had few referrals; assign at least one “official truant” case to each student within the school year.
  • Attend ABS Practicum, Practicum in Juvenile Problems, on Fridays, 10:00 – 10:50.
  • Schedule review hearings with District Attorney’s office.
  • Notify intern and family of the date of truancy review hearing before the District Attorney.
  • Help truancy interns prepare for review presentations and attend the presentation.  The intern will prepare a written report that he or she will verbally present to the District Attorney.
  • Maintain correspondence with schools and family.    
  • Help update manual.
  • Maintain monthly communication with DCYS workers, court, and community services offices on all cases referred by these groups.