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I want to file for a county-level position, such as Commissioner, Sheriff, Attorney, Clerk, Treasurer, or Register of Deeds. How do I do this?

  1. Fill out a Declaration of Intention form with the Clerk's Office, with appropriate notarization by either the County Clerk or Deputy County Clerk, and file it with the Election Office. Precinct committeepersons can have their form notarized by any public notary.
  2. When you complete the Declaration of Intention and submit it to the office, if you are either a registered Democrat or Republican, you have two choices: you can collect 3% of the party's registered voters in the county/district, or pay the filing fee, which is 1% of the salary of the office. A complete list for the upcoming election of the filing fees is available at by visiting Candidate Filing Fees (PDF format).
  3. Once these two steps are completed, you are now considered a candidate, and have ten (10) days to appoint a treasurer or candidate committee. You may also file an Affidavit of Exemption from Filing Receipts and Expenditures Reports (PDF format) if you anticipate receiving or spending less than $500 in any election. More information about campaign finance is available from the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission website.
  4. You must also complete a Statement of Substantial Interest (SSI) form, which asks you to identify those organizations, businesses, or other interests, in the interests of transparency, that you (and/or your spouse) are a stakeholder in, which may reveal conflicts of interest in carrying out your intended elected position. You have ten (10) days to file your SSI form from the close of the candidate filing period.