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Does the county report election night results? What is the process by which *unofficial* results become public?

Yes, the county does election night reporting. Douglas County general public, candidates, candidate families, friends, associates, etc. are welcome to come to the second floor of the Douglas County Courthouse on election night to observe the counting of ballots in the Commission meeting room. The County Clerk's Office will process advance ballots, and then once precinct bags are returned to the courthouse with voted ballots, we will process the ballot machine data and start aggregating election race results by precinct.

Meanwhile, outside the Commission room, we project the current results on a projector screen all evening. At semi-regular intervals during the evening, the Commission room attendees empty out and scan the projector screen, as results will be reported as snapshot data until the last precinct is counted. We also transmit the data to the Lawrence Journal World (Douglas County's newspaper of record). By the end of the evening, when the last of the unofficial results are posted, results will remain unofficial until the official canvass the week after the election. Between election night and the official canvass, the County Clerk's Office will produce a final report of write-in candidates, and resolve provisional ballot issues in time for the canvass by the Douglas County Commissioners.