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What is considered a Motorized Bicycle (Moped)?

What is considered a Motorized Bicycle (Moped)?

A motorized bicycle is defined in KSA 8-126(aa) as, a device having two tandem wheels OR three wheels, which may be propelled by either human power, helper power, or by both, and which has ALL OF THE FOLLOWING:

  1. A motor which produces not more than 3.5 brake horsepower; *and*
  2. a cylinder capacity of not more than 130 cc (cubic centimeters); *and*
  3. an automatic transmission; *and*
  4. the capability of a maximum design speed of no more than 30 miles per hour.

Any two or three wheeled vehicle which:

  • Exceeds any of these specifications or performance factors, *and/or*
  • Does not have an automatic transmission

cannot be registered as a motorized bike and MUST be registered as a motorcycle, or may not qualify for any type of title and registration.

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