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Renewable Energy

Douglas County is installing renewable energy applications where they're most appropriate and cost-effective. Renewable energy from the sun or wind is free, and emits no pollution – making it a smart choice to protect our Douglas County citizens and environment. In 2013, the County also revised our solar permit fees - reducing the cost for Douglas County residents to install solar on their own homes or businesses.

In November of 2010, the Douglas County Extension Office received a grant to help install a solar photovoltaic system on its roof. This 4.2 kW system will produce 6,217 kWh of electricity for our building each year, and over its 25 year warranted life would save $31,236.

The Douglas County Public Works facility is our first LEED-certified County-owned building.  As part of this project, we installed a 14 kW solar photovoltaic system in 2015. The system provides 13% of the Administration building’s power, resulting in an annual savings of 19,548 kWh and a potential for saving $106,299 over the 25 year life of the solar panels.


In June of 2010, the County installed solar thermal collectors at the County's Jail and Youth Services facilities. Solar thermal collectors utilize free energy from the sun to heat water for bathing, laundry, and dish-washing. The energy that the County Jail saves by using the free heat from the sun will help pay for the cost of the new system – it will pay for itself in eight years. Over the next 15 years, the solar thermal system at the Jail will save the County over $18,000 in avoided natural gas costs.

Interested installing solar panels on your home or business in Douglas County?  In 2013, the County Commission reduced the permit fees, and instituted a flat fee of $115 (for photovoltaic systems up to 13.44 kW).  View the building permit fee schedule here.