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Recording requirements for the Register of Deeds Department of Douglas County, Kansas via e-Recordings.

  • Documents will be scanned at the minimum of 300 dpi.
  • Document images will be captured as multi page Group IV TIFF images
  • Scanned documents will be legible and reproducible – including signatures and notary seals. If an embossed seal must be used, it is the responsibility of the Submitter to confirm the seal has been darkened to allow it to be visible to the Receiver.
  • Font size is to meet PRIA standards and applicable state and local standards.
  • Documents must be scanned to original size.
  • The same document types now being accepted physically will be accepted for electronic recording except Federal and State Tax Liens.
  • Document types sized 11" by 17" or smaller will be acceptable.
  • Retracement Surveys no larger than 11" by 17" will be accepted.  Any Survey or Plat of Survey creating new parcels must be submitted in person.
  • All documents submitted will require the minimum index fields unless otherwise agreed upon between Receiver and Simplifile.
  • Grantor(s) or equivalent
  • Grantee(s) or equivalent
  • Document Type
  • Number of Pages
  • Recording Fee
  • Related (original document number, in the case of releases, assignment, amendments, etc.)
  • Legal Description (Subdivision, Block, Lot and /or Section, Township, and Range are required only if noted on documents)
  • "Return To" Party Name (Which will be the Submitting Party Name)
  • Standard PRIA tags defined for these fields must be used.
  • It is the responsibility of the Submitter to confirm that notary signatures and seals are present on all documents that require them.
  • Inked notary seals are preferred in place of embossed notary seals. If an embossed notary seal must be used, it is the responsibility of the Submitter to confirm the seal has been darkened to allow it to be visible to the Receiver. Non-visible notary seals are grounds for the rejection of a document batch.
  • All electronic notaries must adhere to the Kansas Secretary of State Standards for electronic notaries.
  • The maximum size of electronic document batches will be capped at ten (10) documents per batch unless prior approval has been granted by the Register of Deeds for the Receiver.
  • Documents may be rejected in accordance with Kansas law, including but not limited to the following reasons: the document fails to comply with the provisions of this Agreement or the Receiver’s technical requirements, document errors, missing signatures or notaries, failure to pay the filing or other fees due, the document is not a type the Receiver is authorized to accept for recording, or the document fails to meet any other applicable legal requirement.
  • To avoid rejection: Previous mortgage being referenced on Mortgage Registration Fee Affidavit should NOT be released until the new refinanced mortgage is recorded.
  • Documents may be submitted at any time during the week. Documents will only be processed between 8:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., Central Time, on those days that the Receiver is open to the public for business.
  • Documents will not be processed on County holidays, weekends, snow days, declared emergencies, etc. or in the event of network or equipment failure.
  • Document batches must be received by 3.30 p.m., Central Time, to be recorded or rejected on the date received.