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The Purchasing Office is responsible for enforcing the Douglas County Finance Policy, maintaining an active list of vendors, preparing specifications, and issuing requests for bids and proposals for county departments.

Douglas County Launches New Procurement Platform — Vendor Registration Required

Douglas County will now be posting procurement opportunities and accepting electronic bid submissions using the bids&tenders platform.

Douglas County has made this platform available at no cost to vendors, so you don't have to pay a subscription fee. Register as a vendor now at bids&tenders so you don't miss out on any new opportunities.

Create a vendor account on the bids&tenders portal via the link below. Set up your account to receive notifications for future bidding opportunities across the entire bids&tenders platform. If you already have an account you don't need to create a new one, just sign in using your existing login information.


Does your business offer after-hours services?

When setting up your vendor account, you can opt into the "Emergency Vendor Database." This allows organizations like Douglas County to access your after-hours information if an emergency arises. You can opt in or opt out of this function within your bids&tenders account profile at any time.

'How-To' Recorded Webinar

Image of hands on mobile tablet device

Learn how to create a bids&tenders account, explore the dashboard, submit a bid, and more, in this self-guided webinar.

Contact bids&tenders

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Connect with a member of the bids&tenders team at or call 1-800-594-4798.

Department Contacts

Name Job Title Phone Number Email Address
Gabrielle Rye Purchasing Analyst 785-832-5286