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Sensitive Crops Registry

Sensitive crops information in Douglas County, Kansas.

Kansas growers of sensitive and organic crops are increasingly concerned about drift damage from commonly used herbicides. To help reduce the risk of herbicide drift, Douglas County, Kansas and Kansas Department of Agriculture host sensitive crop registries where growers can make their sensitive crop locations known. Herbicide applicators can use this registry to identify where extra care should be taken to protect these vulnerable crops.

We ask that you register with both the states registry and our local registry.

To register with the county please complete the following registration form, print it, sign it and mail it to:

State of Kansas
To register with the state program, please visit the following page: KDA Sensitive Crop Registration (External link)

The following maps indicate where all the registered sensitive crops are being grown in Douglas County. The maps also show a 1 mile buffer area in which extra precaution when spraying is asked. If your house is located in the 1 mile buffer area you may want to notify your neighbors of the herbicide you are applying. The maps have been broken out by township in addition to the overall county map.