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Oversize/Overweight Load Permits

Oversize/Overweight Load Permits - Public Works

A permit must be obtained from Douglas County Public Works prior to operating or moving an oversize or overweight load on any county route or township road in Douglas County (County Code 9-601).  The permit may be for a single trip or for annual operation.

An oversize or overweight load is any vehicle, trailer or load with:

Width greater than 8 1/2 feet
Height greater than 14 feet
Weight on any wheel exceeding 10,000 pounds

Examples are: hauled construction vehicles; houses being relocated; and house trailers, manufactured homes, or mobile homes. Farm tractors, combines, fertilizer dispensing equipment or other farm machinery are exempt from permit requirements.

The application for a permit must identify the route(s) to be followed. The Director of Public Works will review the application and inspect the intended route prior to approving the permit. If professional consultation is necessary, the applicant will be required to deposit additional funds to cover consultation fees.

Preferred routes have been identified on a Priority Route Map.  Use of these routes will reduce the permit fee and time required to approve the permit application.

Permit application forms are available for single trips or for annual operation:

Adobe PDF Oversize/Overweight Application for Regular Permit 76.24 KB

Adobe PDF Oversize/Overweight Application for Annual Permit 25.76 KB

The completed permit form can be faxed, emailed to or mailed to Douglas County Public Works. The applicant must provide proof of insurance with the completed application.

The County will determine the required permit fee and notify the applicant.  The fee will include the $50 base fee, plus $10 per travelled mile, plus any additional fees for professional consulting if necessary.  In addition to the permit fees, the applicant will be required to provide a $1000 deposit to cover potential damages to roads, signs or other infrastructure. The damage deposit will not be utilized if no damage occurs. The damage deposit and fees may be paid with credit card authorization:

Adobe PDF Oversize/Overweight Authorization for Credit Card Use 10.29 KB

The completed application, proof of insurance and payment of fees should be submitted at least three business days prior to the requested move date. Additional review time may be required.

Approved permits are valid for 14 days from date of issue. All movement must be made in daylight hours and good weather conditions, i.e. no rain, snow or ice. No movement allowed on Saturday afternoons, Sundays or holidays. The applicant must notify the County prior to the move and if the schedule changes.

Additional information, rules and regulations are available below:

Adobe PDF Oversize/Overweight Permit Rules and Regulations 73.37 KB