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Current Road Closings

Road closings in Douglas County, Kansas.





Rte 458 (E 1000 Rd) North and South of N 1075 Rd intersection

Culvert replacement

March 12

Early May

E 2400 Rd  1/4 mile North of N 300 Rd

Culvert replacement April 3 May 11

E 1400 Rd CLOSED from N 1000 Rd to N 1100 Rd

Asphalt overlay work April 23 April 27

N 1100 Rd CLOSED from E 1400 Rd to E 1500 Rd

Asphalt overlay work April 23 April 27


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For more information on road closings around Kansas, please visit:

  • KDOT - 511 Travel Information
  • Phone: 1-866-511-KDOT (toll-free)
  • KDOT 511 Website