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Portions of Lone Star Lake to receive herbicide treatment

Friday, July 27, 2018 - 8:41am

Douglas County Public Works will soon treat reemerging areas of Eurasian Water Milfoil (EWM) in isolated areas of Lone Star Lake with an herbicide.  The treatment with an herbicide called Navigate is planned for Thursday, August 9, weather permitting.

Some EWM has reemerged in isolated areas of the lake following the last herbicide treatment in August 2017. EWM is a non-native plant that threatens native aquatic plants and lake ecology.  Richard Sanders, fisheries biologist, Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism, has recommended the treatment, and will accompany park maintenance personnel during the treatment.   

The Navigate herbicide is in granular form.  It sinks quickly to the lake bottom.  Restrictions for this herbicide include prohibiting swimming for 24 hours within 250 feet of treated areas after application.  While the herbicide has no restrictions for watering livestock, park visitors and residents are encouraged to keep their pets out of the treated portions of the lake for 24 hours after treatment.  Fishing or other restrictions are not needed following this herbicide treatment.

Media Contact

Keith Browning, Public Works Director