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Route 1055 (Haskell) south of 31st Street to be closed to complete bridge rehabilitation

Monday, March 28, 2016 - 11:48am

Route 1055 (Haskell Avenue extended) south of 31st Street will be closed to traffic beginning Monday, April 4, to complete rehabilitation work on the bridge over the Wakarusa River.  Work on the project was suspended, and the bridge was opened to traffic through construction, on December 23, 2015.  Public Works anticipates it will take four weeks to complete work and re-open the bridge to traffic.


Route 1055 was closed from N 1175 Road to 31st Street on September 22, 2015 for construction of two projects.  One project extended the concrete pavement on Route 1055 (Haskell extended) from the south end of the SLT construction project to the north side of the Route 1055 bridge over the Wakarusa River.  This work was completed during fall 2015.  The second project entails rehabilitation of the Route 1055 bridge over the Wakarusa River.  Rehabilitation work includes removing and replacing deteriorated concrete in the bridge deck, reconstructing and relocating the back wall of the south abutment, and replacing deteriorated girder bearings at each abutment.  Bridge rehabilitation work was substantially complete December 23, 2015, enough to allow traffic on the bridge.  The April 2016 closure is to allow completion of the bridge rehabilitation project.


The Board of County Commissioners awarded a contract in the amount of $672,252 to the low bidder, King Construction, for the two projects.  Funding for the projects comes from Douglas County’s Capital Improvement Program.

Media Contact

Keith Browning, Public Works Director