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Public Works

The Public Works Department maintains 224 miles of County roads, 152 bridges, 1,057 culverts, Lone Star Lake and seven County park sites. The Operations Division provides road and bridge maintenance, road signage, roadside mowing and vegetation control, snow and ice removal, and park maintenance. The Operations Division also performs fleet maintenance for all County vehicles. The Engineering Division provides design, surveying, construction contracting and inspection, and permitting of work within road rights-of-way.


Our Services

Obtain a permit to construct an entrance within the road right-of-way.

Obtain a permit to haul oversize/overweight loads on county roads.

Parks and trails throughout the county.

Road and bridge work, maintenance/snow removal, conditions, etc.

Noxious weed types, weed control, and sensitive crop registry.

Obtain a permit for utility installation and road occupancy.

Survey records for properties.

Department Contacts

Name Job Title Phone Number Email Address
Keith Browning, P.E. Director/County Engineer 785-832-5293
Chad Voigt, P.E. Deputy Public Works Director 785-832-5293
Agamani Sen, P.E. Engineering Manager 785-832-5140
Doug Stephens Operations Division Manager 785-331-1322
Alan Hollinger Noxious Weeds Director 785-331-1322