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House Arrest Frequently Asked Questions

House Arrest frequently asked questions

Electronic Monitoring and House Arrest are designed to provide the courts with supervision alternatives in lieu of placement in the detention center.

Any client that is ordered to participate in the program by the District or Municipal Courts can be on House Arrest. It only takes an order from the court.

Yes. As long as it is permitted by the courts, a program participant can maintain full employment.

Besides work, a program participant can attend court hearings and probation meetings. They can also attend medical/treatment related appointments. Program participants may attend other functions as approved by the court.

GPS: Monitors client's movements in real time.

          The LOC8 provides program participants with an extra battery pack allowing more flexibility when recharging the GPS unit.

          ExacuTrack1 is a unit that requires it be plugged into an electrical outlet.

Remote Breathalyzer: Monitors the client's usage of alcohol through real time breathalyzer tests. This portable device goes wherever they go.

Transdermal Alcohol Detector: Monitors the client's alcohol usage over a period of time. With this device, there is no "missing" a test.