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Severe Weather Preparedness

Take steps to be prepared for severe weather.

Watch vs. Warning:

WATCH: Conditions are favorable for severe weather to develop. Action: Be alert to changing weather conditions. Review your plan. 

WARNING: Severe weather is imminent. Action: Take cover!

Make a Plan:

Identify where to take cover when a warning is issued:

  • Go to the lowest level of your home/building, in an interiror room that has no windows. 
  • Get under something sturdy, if possible. 


  • Make sure everyone in your household knows the plan and practice it annually. 
  • Ensure you can contact them following an emergency (via text message, out-of-town contact person, etc.)

Have a Kit:

Pack a bag or container with:

  • 3 days of water & non-perishable food
  • AM/FM radio and/or weather radio
  • Flashlight with extra batteries
  • Personal hygiene items & extra clothes
  • Special items (medications, insurance/medical paperwork, identification, etc.)

Stay Informed:

Identify how you will receive watches/warnings via multiple sources:

  • NOAA Weather Radio
  • Local television & radio stations
  • Douglas County's Call Notification System (
  • Outdoor warning sirens
    • There is no "all clear" siren. Monitor local media outlets for information about when the threat has passed. 


More resources from Douglas County Emergency Management.