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District Court Divisions

Due to circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic, and pursuant to Administrative Orders issued by the Kansas Supreme Court, most hearings are now being conducted via remote means, either by telephone or video appearance. If you have an attorney, you should check with that attorney for information on your case. The hearing date/time information listed for each division may not be accurate and you should not rely on this page for accurate information about the setting for any case you have pending.

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The District Court is divided into eight divisions. District judges preside over Divisions 1 through 6, and pro tem judges preside over the Pro Tem Division and the Juvenile Division. Starting May 1, 2020, cases generally are assigned as follows:

Hearings Today's
Hearings Citizen Review Board (CRB)
Hearings Six Months

Department Contacts

Name Job Title Phone Number Email Address
The Honorable Amy Hanley District Judge 785-832-5265
Kris Knowles Admin. Asst. 785-832-5265
Donna Lytle Court Reporter 785-832-5234
Division 1 Fax 785-838-2454
The Honorable Sally Pokorny District Judge 785-832-5248
Mary Kay Howe Court Reporter 785-832-5250
Ellen Grant Admin. Asst. 785-832-5248
Division 2 Fax 785-838-2454
The Honorable B. Kay Huff District Judge 785-832-5230
Vernon Anderson Admin. Asst. 785-832-5230
Meghan Rogers Court Reporter 785-832-5230
Division 3 Fax 785-838-2456
The Honorable James McCabria District Judge 785-832-5124
Tiffany Wade Admin. Asst. 785-832-5124
Tammy Hogsett Court Reporter 785-832-5249
Division 4 Fax 785-838-2455
The Honorable Mark A. Simpson District Judge 785-832-5323
Victoria Sparkman Admin. Asst. 785-832-5323
Division 5 Fax 785-838-2455
The Honorable Stacey Donovan District Judge 785-832-5144
Adelaida Mendoza Admin. Asst. 785-832-5144
Shelee Shafer Court Reporter 785-832-5200
Joyce Lederer Court Reporter 785-832-5200
Division 6 Fax 785-838-2455
The Honorable Blake Glover Pro Tem Judge 785-330-2817
Lacy Gaultney Admin. Asst. 785-330-2817
Pro Tem Division Fax 785-838-2494
The Honorable Paul R. Klepper Juvenile Judge 785-832-5118
Angie Figgs Admin. Asst. 785-832-5118