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Rules and Procedures

Division III

Audio, video and photographic recordings of court proceedings

All persons wishing to record proceedings in Division III must follow Rule No. 13 of the Local Court Rules which is itself a supplement to Kansas Supreme Court Rule 1001.  Please contact the division's administrative assistant in advance of the proceedings by telephone or email.

Courtroom electronics

It is the responsibility of the party who wishes to use courtroom electronics during a proceeding to ensure that the device he or she wishes to use is compatible with the electronic equipment in the courtroom.  This includes providing any cables or adapters necessary for connection.  Compatibility must be determined prior to the start of proceedings.  Parties may contact the administrative assistant in advance of the proceedings to set up a time to test their devices with the courtroom's equipment.

Any party who may be unsure how to use the courtroom equipment may schedule a time in advance of the proceedings in order for the administrative assistant to help them become familiar with it.

Jury Duty

Information for jurors in the 7th Judicial District, Douglas County, Kansas, is provided by the Clerk of the District Court.  Current and prospective jurors may visit the restricted Juror Portal page to enter and gather information.

​​7th Judicial District

Local Court Rules

Administrative Orders

Douglas County Family Law Guidelines

State of Kansas

Supreme Court Rules Relating to District Courts

Department Contacts

Division 3

Name Job Title Phone Number Email Address
The Honorable B. Kay Huff District Judge 785-832-5230