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Discovery Procedure

New Discovery procedures for dissemination of discovery to defense attorneys.

Starting December 1, 2017, the District Attorney’s Office will be using a new web based
discovery system for dissemination of discovery to defense attorneys (Document Manager 5).
Attorneys will be able to log on to a secure web server and retrieve all discovery documents
associated with their case(s). Additionally, when new materials are loaded into a case, the
attorney will receive an email indicating there are new documents ready for review.

Presently, all incident reports, supplemental reports, labs results, photos, video and audio files
will be uploaded to the system. There will be times when excessively large files will still need to
be distributed on disc.

Cases filed BEFORE December 1, 2017, will not be loaded into the new system. Pre-December
1, 2017 cases will continue to be disseminated as they are now.

Attached is user guide for you to use to access the new discovery system. You will have to
provide our office your name and email address before your account can be created. Please send
that information to Once that account is created you will receive a
confirmation email. Please follow the directions for logging on to the system with the temporary
password that you will be provided. Once logged on you will be prompted to create a new