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The Results are In: Spring 2019 Expungement Clinic

Wednesday, April 24, 2019 - 3:52pm

The Douglas County District Attorney’s Office partnered earlier this year with the University of Kansas Legal Aid Clinic, Douglas County Legal Aid Society, and Kansas Legal Services to offer an Expungement Clinic that was held on Friday, February 22.  The hard work of staff from the agencies and financial support from the Kansas Bar Foundation ensured the success of the clinic.

“For many years, expungements have been used to restore a citizen’s status in the community, said District Attorney Charles Branson.  Branson went on to advise, “A lack of knowledge about the process and the cost associated with pursuing an expungement have historically prevented some people, especially those with limited means, from clearing their record.  We are happy we could help our residents restore their community standing and to remove what could have been a roadblock to their goals.”

The Spring 2019 Expungement Clinic results are as follows. 

  • 45 expungements were granted.
  • 1 expungement was continued to October 2019 to resolve a restitution issue.
  • 20 applications, for various reasons, were ineligible to proceed with the expungement process.

The Douglas County District Attorney’s Office wants to offer our appreciation and thanks to the following partners that made the clinic a possibility.

KU Legal Aid                                                                                Douglas County District Court

Melanie DeRousse                                                                        The Honorable Peggy C. Kittel - Division Six and Chief Judge                 

Meredith Schnug                                                                            Lucinda Bermudez - Administrative Assistant

KS Legal Services

Christy Campbell

Legal Aid Clinic Legal Interns                                                   KU Law Student Volunteers

Matthew Beal                                                                                 Quentin Aker

Paeten Denning                                                                              David Biegel

Austin Jaspers                                                                                Sarah DeBauche

Katy Kettler                                                                                     Dukgi Goh

Miranda Luster                                                                                ​​​​​​Saber Hossinei

Tabinda Naseer                                                                               ​​​​​​​Andi Leuszler

Jessie Pringle                                                                                 ​​​​​​​ Eric McMillin​​​​​​​

Kyle Snyder                                                                                     ​​​​​​​Peter Semegen

​​​​​​​Megan Tunget                                                                                 Conner Swanton

 We also want to thank our own Senior Assistant District Attorney CJ Rieg who worked tirelessly on behalf of our office.


*Rule 226 - Kansas Rules of Professional Conduct
3.6 Advocate: Trial Publicity
3.8 Advocate: Special Responsibilities of a Prosecutor

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