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Kansas County & District Attorneys Association - Prosecutor concerns remain after passage of sweeping juvenile justice reform

Monday, April 11, 2016 - 2:22pm

[Topeka, KS – April 11, 2016]  Kansas Governor Sam Brownback signed into law Senate Bill 367 regarding juvenile justice reform.  The Kansas County and District Attorneys Association (KCDAA) provides the following response:

The KCDAA greatly appreciates the effort made by House leadership, especially Rep. Blaine Finch, Ottawa, to give voice to concerns raised by our association.   The membership of the KCDAA takes very seriously our responsibility to ensure the public safety of the citizens in each of our counties.  We will continue to bring our concerns regarding this legislation to the attention of the Kansas legislature in coming sessions. 

Concerns remain. The funding necessary to support the expansive agenda in this bill is yet to be fully identified.  Aspects of the bill still undermine the discretion of the courts to hold offenders accountable and protect the public.  The proponents’ inclusion into the working group of a single prosecutor—one from one of the smallest jurisdictions in the state—failed to adequately consider the disparate impact of this legislation on different sized jurisdictions.  A bill this expansive, and potentially impactful deserved more input from those ultimately responsible for its successful implementation.

That said, the KCDAA will remain vigilant and actively engaged in the process necessary to ensure this bill achieves the stated goals; is adequately funded; and ultimately enhances, not diminishes the public safety of our fellow Kansans."

About the KCDAA:  The Kansas County & District Attorneys Association is the professional organization for prosecutors in the state of Kansas.  The purpose of the Association is to promote, improve, and facilitate the administration of justice in the State of Kansas

For media inquires, please contact a member of the KCDAA Board of Directors:

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Cheryl Wright Kunard - Assistant to the District Attorney