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District Attorney

District Attorney Seal

The Douglas County District Attorney's Office is responsible for prosecuting criminal cases that occur in Douglas County, both juvenile and adult. In addition to criminal prosecution, this office also handles Child In Need of Care Cases, Involuntary Commitments, Traffic, and Consumer Protection.

Our Services

Criminal Diversions

Criminal Diversion program.

Seeks to reduce recidivism of those individuals with substance use disorder.

Victim and Witness Support

Victim and Witness Support services provided by the District Attorney's Office.

Reduce criminal involvement of defendants who suffer from serious mental illness and co-occurring disorders.

Consumer Protection

Consumer protection resources for citizens of Douglas County, Kansas.

Juvenile Immediate Intervention Process (IIP)

Juvenile Immediate Intervention Process (IIP) services provided by the District Attorney's Office.

Traffic Diversions

Traffic diversion program with the District Attorney's Office.

Pre-trial diversion program aimed at educating an offender about the harms of substance abuse.

Crime Prevention

Crime prevention information and resources.

New Discovery procedures for dissemination of discovery to defense attorneys.

Protection Orders

Information on getting Protection Orders against abuse and stalking.

Reduce Justice System involvement of Non-Violent Female Offenders with Substance Use Disorders.

Explore possible sustainable alternatives to incarceration.

Addressing the needs of those impacted by harm through relational processes of accountability and repair.

Department Contacts

Name Job Title Phone Number Email Address
Suzanne Valdez District Attorney
Media Inquiries Public Information Officer
Annie Behavioral Health Court
LaShane Child In Need of Care
Stephanie Consumer Protection
Division Trial Assistant Criminal Diversions
Dillon Document Manager Support
Pam E. Juveniles
Cindy Property Crimes Compensation Information
Rebekah Traffic Diversions
Michelle Traffic Tickets
Cindy, Pam L., and Lindsey Victim-Witness Coordination