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Citizen Review Board (CRB)

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What is CRB?
Citizen Review Board (CRB) is a court based volunteer program.

Who is on the CRB groups?
There are currently five (5) CRB groups which each meet one time a month. All of the volunteers are permanent residents of Douglas County. Potential volunteers must submit a written application and then go through a screening procedure before they are accepted for training. All volunteers must complete the training requirements set forth by the Kansas Supreme Court before they can be sworn in by the Chief Judge to review cases.

What do CRB volunteers do?
CRB volunteers are assigned to review child in need of care (CINC) cases and juvenile offender (JO) cases and to report in writing to the presiding judge.

CRB volunteers meet as a group (also known as "board") one time a month and interview families and service providers and then deliberate in private before sharing their recommendations orally with the people in attendance. The recommendations are then shared in writing with the presiding judge.

So what happens next?
It depends on the case type, but basically, the presiding judge can use the CRB recommendations to make his/her own court orders. This can happen in the court room where the parties are present and hear the CRB recommendations used by the Court or it can happen in the judges' chambers and the parties only know what the Court ordered when they get the order delivered in the mail.

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