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Citizen Review Board (CRB)

CRB Seal

What is the CRB program and what does it do?

Citizen Review Board (CRB) consists of volunteers, trained by CRB staff,  assiting the Court by providing community input into an otherwise closed/confiential family situations, referred to as Child In Need of Care (CINC - pronounced "sink") cases. Sometimes the perception that all CINC situations result in a child being removed from their home, but that is not necessarily how situations are resolved.  CINC situations may come to the attention of the Court through a variety of circumstances, including law enforcement, Department for Children and Family (DCF) investigations, as well as school truancy. CRB volunteers are assigned to review child in need of care (CINC) cases and to report in writing to the presiding judge with a set of their collective recmmendations for the Court to consider.  CRB volunteers meet as a group (also known as "board") one time a month and converse with both  families and service providers.  Once they have finished their discussion, the volunteers then discuss their recommendations in private before sharing their recommendations.  Recommendaitons may be shared orally with the people in attendance and in writing to the attorneys, case managers and Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteers involved with the family.


Is there just one Citizen Review Board?

In Douglas County, there are currently five (5) CRB groups with volunteer membership up to  six (6) volunteers per group.  Screened volunteers in-training must read materials and attend both mutliple Court and CRB over the length of their training program.  Ideally,a new volunteer is assigned to particular Wednesday group membership and stay with that group once they are ceritifed/granted regular membership.  Volunteers commit to two years of service, therefore, the groupss' membership is fairly stable over time. However,  volunteers may ask to move to a different board or be reassigned by staff as part of volunteer management.  In Douglas County, the CRB program also retains a small group of volunteers who only serve as a  substiute.  


Department Contacts

Name Job Title Phone Number Email Address
Heather Krase-Minnick Director 785-832-5219