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Collecting Judgment Interest

The Court Trustee automatically calculates judgment interest in all support cases it enforces.

Many people are unaware that by law they are entitled to claim and collect judgment interest on child support and maintenance that a former spouse or partner does not pay when due. Interest rates can be as high as 15% per year, depending on the year the obligor incurred the debt. For the current rate, please visit the Kansas Secretary of State's Finance Rates page.

If you are due unpaid child support or maintenance and you are not calculating and collecting judgment interest, you are doing two things. First, you are giving the individual who owes support to you an interest-free loan. Collecting judgment interest provides an incentive to pay on time. Second, you are losing money that you are legally entitled to collect.

Beginning January 1, 1997, the policy of the District Court Trustee office is to calculate and collect judgment interest on every child support or maintenance case it enforces. We charge no additional fee over the standard trustee's fee. The District Court presumes certified calculations prepared by the District Court Trustee to be correct, so you can be confident in the calculation provided. Having the District Court Trustee calculate and collect judgment interest for you can often offset the fee for participation in the enforcement program.

Anyone can have the District Court Trustee calculate interest for unpaid support. The cost of this service is based on the number of years since support was ordered and can be as low as $25 per year.