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Jury Service & COVID-19

The Douglas County District Court cares about our jurors health and safety during this time. Please view the following information about jury trials during the pandemic. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the jury clerk at 785-832-5213 or


What we’re doing to protect you:

Cleaning and sanitizingCleaning and sanitizing
Physical distancingPhysical distancing
Symptom screeningSymptom screening
Masks and hand sanitizerMasks and hand sanitizer


What we need you to do:

Wash your handsWash your hands
Wear a maskWear a mask
Tell us if you are sickTell us if you are sick
Tell us if you are high riskTell us if you are high risk


How to reach us:

Email:  jury@douglascountyks.orgJury Clerk (785) 832-5213
District Court Clerk's Office: (785) 832-5256Jury Service line (785) 832-5108


Please view the video below about reporting for jury trials during pandemic conditions. If you have questions regarding jury service during pandemic conditions, please contact the jury coordinator at 785-832-5213 or at

Department Contacts

Name Job Title Phone Number Email Address
Douglas A. Hamilton Clerk of the District Court
Amber Ballard Supervisor / Jury Manager 785-832-5111
Rachel Lavelle Supervisor 785-832-5255
Evie Schlife Accounting Technician 785-832-5252
Beverly Sigafoose Juvenile Clerk 785-832-5253
Brian Garton Jury Clerk 785-832-5213
Cindy Winger Traffic Clerk 785-832-5231
Emily Krichati Domestic Clerk / Marriage License / PFA Administrative Assistant 785-832-5227
Jordan Moore Records / Juvenile Clerk 785-832-5141
Kassandra Meyer Limited Civil Clerk 785-832-5257
Michael Preut Criminal Clerk 785-832-5236
Stephanie Weeks Major Civil Clerk 785-832-5228
Brenda Hensley-Hughes Probate / Adoptions Clerk 785-832-5132
Rachell Orce Appeals / Small Claims / Liens Clerk 785-832-5254
Jury Service Recording 785-832-5108