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Getting Divorced

In general, it's useful to get an attorney. However, some people do represent themselves. The Kansas Judicial Council provides some forms and instructions for that purpose. They are on the  Kansas Judicial Council - Divorce Forms website. Please note that these forms may not be applicable in their entirety in Douglas County. When you file your divorce petition in the court Clerk's office, be sure to get a Certificate of Divorce or Annulment. It is your responsibility to make sure your paperwork complies with the Rules of Court. Additional Court Resources are available for your information.

You may call the Access to Justice Advice Line at 1-800-675-5860, which may be able to help you.

In addition, the Douglas County District Court has made Limited Scope Representation available to assist individuals who are representing themselves.

Douglas County has adopted Family Law Guidelines which provide a uniform basis to evaluate issues and negotiate settlements. While the guidelines are generally followed by the judges in Douglas County, they are not Court Rules and they are not binding. The guidelines may apply to a broad range of cases but may not be determinative of the outcome of a particular case. The guidelines are not a substitute for creative thinking and critical analysis of the facts, circumstances and issues.