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I have found out that my license is suspended for not appearing in court or not paying my fines on time. How can I get my license back?

If you have a Kansas driver's license and were charged with, or convicted of infractions, you will have to pay the total amount that you owe, plus a reinstatement fee of $81.00 per charge on the original ticket. Payment must be in cash, money order, cashier's check or credit card for these costs. The court clerk's office will notify Driver Control once you have met all your obligations and your license will be reinstated. Driver Control will notify you by mail upon reinstatement. This may take a few days, but you can call Driver Control at 785-296-3671 to check on the status of your license.

If you have an out of state license, the process is similar, but you do not pay a reinstatement fee to the court. Once you have paid your fines and court costs, you will need to request a notice of reinstatement and a receipt from the Clerk. You will then need to send the notice to the driver's licensing department in your home state. Your home state will usually charge a reinstatement fee.

If you were suspended for failing to appear in court, you must request a court date and appear in court. You will not be reinstated until the charges have been resolved, and you will be assessed an $81.00 reinstatement fee per charge in addition to any fines and costs assessed upon conviction or dismissal.