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How can I get more time to pay my ticket?

You may appear in court at the time specified on your ticket to request additional time to pay. Be sure to bring your copy of the ticket to court with you. If you fail to pay in full or appear in court by the date specified on your ticket, the court will send a letter to the address listed on your ticket informing you that you must pay in full within 30 days to avoid suspension of your driving privileges.

If you are charged with a misdemeanor you must appear in court on the date specified on your ticket, but you will not necessarily have to pay anything on that date.

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Department Contacts

Name Job Title Phone Number Email Address
Douglas A. Hamilton Clerk of the District Court
Amber Ballard Supervisor / Jury Manager / Appeals 785-832-5111
Rachel Lavelle Supervisor / Liens 785-832-5255
Evie Schlife Accounting Technician / Probate 785-832-5252
Beverly Sigafoose Juvenile / Adoptions 785-832-5253
Brian Garton Jury Clerk 785-832-5213
Cindy Winger Traffic 785-832-5231
Emily Krichati Domestic / PFA Administrative Assistant 785-832-5227
Jordan Moore Records / Juvenile 785-832-5141
Kassandra Meyer Limited Civil 785-832-5257
Michael Preut Criminal 785-832-5236
Stephanie Weeks Small Claims / Major Civil 785-832-5228
Jury Service Recording 785-832-5108