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Court Records Request Form

Court Records Request Form for the District Court of Douglas County, Kansas.

  • No fees are associated with emailing scanned documents or copies made for appointed attorneys.
  • Fees apply to all District and City Attorney Offices unless statutory authority is provided.
  • An access fee of $12.00 per hour will be charged for paper copies.
  • Copies are 25 cents per page in addition to the access fee.
  • Certified copies (stamped seal) are $1.00 per document plus copy and access fees.
  • Authenticated copies (raised seal) are $2.00 per document plus copy and access fees. Authentications may take up to five business days to complete.
  • Faxed copies are $1.00 per page (local number) or $2.00 per page (long distance) in addition to the access fee.
  • Shipping & Handling charge is $1.00 per 100 pages. Additional costs may apply in exceptional requests.
  • A research fee of $12.00 must be prepaid for cases filed prior to 1990 when case number is unknown. Please make checks payable to District Court.
  • Copies of marriage licenses, death certificates, and birth certificates may be obtained through the Department of Vital Statistics at 785-296-1400.
  • All files must be returned within seven (7) days or immediately upon request of the court.
  • Files shall not be disassembled for copying.
  • All requests are subject to the availability of the records when the request is made. Bulk requests are denied under Kansas Supreme Court Administrative Order 189.

The Court Records Request Form User's Guide (PDF) contains a lot of helpful information about the records request process, including FAQ, information for attorneys and abstracters, and a list of resources.