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Income & Expense Surveys

Income and Expense Surveys main Landing Page

The Douglas County Appraiser’s Office is conducting a survey of all commercial properties in Douglas County and respectfully requests your participation.  We are studying trends in the local real estate market regarding rents, occupancy, and operating expenses for a variety of uses.  

Please provide the information no later than August 30, 2020.  If it is easier to send a rent roll and itemized income-expense report directly from your accounting software or IRS tax statements, please email the documentation to   

We understand that this year has been especially difficult for property owners and businesses.  The information you provide will assist the county to better understand changes in the market that influence appropriate fair market values for the 2021 tax year.  

You can call Brad Eldridge at (785) 832-5197 if you have any questions regarding the survey or the valuation process as it relates to your property.  Previous market studies conducted by the Douglas County Appraiser’s Office are also available for specific property types.  We greatly appreciate your time and participation.

Can the information provided in the survey be used against me if I decide to appeal my property value?
No.  The survey information will be used to calibrate our valuation models for commercial properties.  The information will be used in conjunction with data on other properties of similar use to find typical rents, occupancy, and expenses for each respective property use type.
There is a possibility that information provided during a survey may reveal an error in the Appraiser’s Office physical description of the property that would need to be corrected.

Is the information collected in these surveys publicly accessible?
No.  Information received from the survey will be confidential in accordance to Kansas Law (K.S.A.45-221(b)) and standards of professional appraisal practice.  
Only a summary of the aggregate data (ranges, medians, averages, etc.) is available to the public.

Is it mandatory that property owners complete the survey?
The information these surveys collect is very important to provide accurate and equitable assessments. You are not required to complete the survey, but your assistance is extremely helpful and welcome.