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What can I do if I do not believe the value of my property is correct?

Use one of two ways to challenge the value of your property: you may appeal the "notice of value" of your property by contacting the county appraiser's office by phone or in writing by March 30th for real property and May 15th for personal property, or you may fill out a "payment under protest" form with the county treasurer at the time you pay your taxes. If you paid all your taxes prior to December 20th then the protest can be made no later than December 20th (unless an escrow or tax service agent pays your property taxes, then no later than January 31st).

You cannot appeal using both methods for the same property in the same tax year. So, if you start to appeal your "notice of value," be sure that you follow through with the appeal. You will not be allowed to "pay under protest" later.

If you are not satisfied with the results of your appeal at the county level, you may take your case to either the small claims division or the regular division of the Kansas Board of Tax appeals. For more information on appeals, please contact your local county appraiser's office.