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Douglas County Fee Schedule

Complete fee schedule for Douglas County, Kansas.

Item Description Fee
Made by County Staff Individual's own records $0.25
Made by County Staff Other records $0.50
Made by person making request Individual's own records No Charge
Made by person making request Other records $0.25
Oversize B/W documents (staff only) 24" width $1.50/linear foot
Oversize B/W documents (staff only) 36" width $2.25/linear foot


Register of Deeds Office
Item Description Fee
Email Emailed Documents $0.50/page
Fax Local or toll-free long distance $1.00/page
Fax Long distance with toll $2.00/page
Microfilm Duplicate rolls Current cost of reproduction by third party vendor
CD's Images $2.00 media cost and packaging plus $0.01/image
Plats 24" x 36" copies, paper or email $5.00
Staff time and assistance --- $20.00/hour, prorated by quarter hour


Sheriff's Office
Item Description Fee
DVD's --- $30.00/hour, prorated by quarter hour, plus media cost


Custom Maps
Item Description Fee
Staff Time --- $20.00/hour, prorated by quarter hour
From Color Plotter 36" width $4.50/linear foot
From B/W Plotter (KIP) 24" width $1.50/linear foot
From B/W Plotter (KIP) 36" width $2.25/linear foot
Photo Images (8.5" x 11" or 11" x 17") Real Estate $1.00/image
Photo Images (8.5" x 11" or 11" x 17") Aerial $2.00/image
Printed & Standard Maps (Pre-printed or PDF files)
Item Description Fee
Ownership Maps Large $21.43, plus $1.57 tax
Ownership Maps Medium $14.44, plus $1.06 tax
Ownership Maps Small $7.45, plus $0.55 tax
All other maps --- $5.00
Examples include, but are not limited to: County road, township, zoning, and precinct maps.
Digital Mapping Data (CD, DVD or FTP)
Item Description Fee
Digital Mapping Data --- $1.00/megabyte + media cost
Aerial/Ortho Photography --- $1.00/megabyte + media cost
Blue Mesa Aerials
Item Description Fee
Blue Line Aerials --- $5.00/copy
Item Description Fee
CD CD-RW $1.50
CD CD-R $0.50
DVD DVD-R $2.00
VHS Tape No media cost $25.00
Public Access via Internet Land Records, Reg. of Deeds Records, and District Court Records $30.00 setup; $360/year
Public Access via Internet District Court Records only $30.00 setup; $120/year
Item Description Fee
Programming Time Set Up $25.00
Programming Time Report Available $65.00/hour for processing & printing plus $8.00/thousand for forms
Programming Time Report Unavailable $40.00 for programming, $65.00/hour for compiling, testing, processing & printing plus $8.00/thousand for forms
Selectability List of Information $15.00 set up and $0.50/page