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The County Administrator is the chief executive officer of the county, with overall responsibility for the efficient administration of policies determined by the County Commission. The administrator serves at the pleasure of the County Commission, and is responsible for the implementation of their goals. Specific duties include budget preparation, coordination of county operations with other local governments and agencies, and development of proposals to improve county operations.

Citizens with any county related problem should always feel welcome to call or e-mail the County Administrator for assistance.

Our Services

Commission Board

Board of Commissioners Patrick Kelly, Nancy Thellman, and Michelle Derusseau.

Food Policy Council (FPC)

The FPC identifies the benefits, challenges and opportunities for a successful, sustainable local food system in Douglas County, Kansas.


Sustainability means balancing the needs of the economy, environment, and society.

Commission Meetings

Commission meetings information, including agendas and minutes.

Heritage Conservation Council (HCC)

The HCC promotes the conservation of our cultural and natural heritage to honor our past, enrich our present, and inspire our future.

County Administrator

County Administrator Sarah Plinsky.

Department Contacts

Name Job Title Phone Number Email Address
Sarah Plinsky County Administrator 785-832-5329
Robin Crabtree Executive Secretary 785-832-5268
Jill Jolicoeur Assistant County Administrator 785-330-2890
Bob Tryanski Director of Behavioral Health Projects 785-393-4821
Karrey Britt Communications Specialist 785-330-2894