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Victim and Witness Support

Victim and Witness Support services provided by the District Attorney's Office.

Criminal Diversions

Criminal Diversion program.

Traffic Tickets

Information about traffic tickets issues in Douglas County, Kansas.

Juvenile Probation

Juvenile Services provides supervision for youth who are involved in the court system.

Court Payments

Probation, Traffic, and Unsupervised Payments

Drug Court

Seeks to reduce recidivism of those individuals with substance use disorder.

Criminal Justice Coordinating Council

The Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC) was established by the Board of County Commissioners of Douglas County on March 9, 2016.

Courts and Law
Court Calendar
Juror Portal
Divisions / Judges
Behavioral Health Court Information

Reduce criminal involvement of defendants who suffer from serious mental illness and co-occurring disorders.

Juvenile Immediate Intervention Process

Juvenile Immediate Intervention Process (IIP) services provided by the District Attorney's Office.

Juvenile Detention

Juvenile Detention provides short term care in secure custody to juveniles awaiting court involvement.

Traffic Diversions

Traffic diversion program with the District Attorney's Office.

Consumer Protection

Consumer protection resources for citizens of Douglas County, Kansas.

Court Records

Records request services for cases in the 7th Judicial District.

District Court Services

Services provided by the 7th Judicial District of the District Court.

Crime Prevention

Crime prevention information and resources.

Day School

Day School provides school for juveniles in the court system with a more structured setting.

Pre-Trial Diversion Services

Pre-Trial Diversion Services

Alcohol and Drug Education Program

Pre-trial diversion program aimed at educating an offender about the harms of substance abuse.

New Discovery Procedure

New Discovery procedures for dissemination of discovery to defense attorneys.

Juvenile Intake

Juvenile Intake assists Law Enforcement, offers crisis intervention and referral services.

Protection Orders

Information on getting Protection Orders against abuse and stalking.

Crime Prevention

Services offered by the District Attorney's Office of Douglas County, Kansas.

Jury Duty

Resources for potential and current jurors.

Child and Spousal Support

Information on establishing, collecting and disbursing child and spousal support.


The Truancy Program is offered to youth who are having difficulties attending school.

Adult Probation

Adult probation provides intensive supervision for adults who are involved in the court system.

Womens Substance Use Diversion and Treatment Program

Reduce Justice System involvement of Non-Violent Female Offenders with Substance Use Disorders.

Criminal Justice Services

Criminal Justice Services provides services for both adult and juvenile clients.

Study Project Proposal for Sustainable Incarceration Alternatives

Explore possible sustainable alternatives to incarceration.

Child Custody and Visitation

Child custody options, including parenting plans, visitation and other resources.

District Attorney

Services provided by the District Attorney's Office of Douglas County, Kansas.

Community Service Work

Community Service Work is performed by defendants who serve local government or non-profit organizations.

Marriage and Divorce

Marriage licenses, ceremonies, and options for custody and divorce cases.

Youth Crime

Youth crime information, including juvenile intake, probation, detention and day school.

Restorative Justice Program

Addressing the needs of those impacted by harm through relational processes of accountability and repair.

Defense Services

Defense services provided by court-appointed and area attorneys.

Small Claims

Small claims cases for less than $4,000.

Reporting a Crime

Important information on reporting crimes.

Adult Corrections (County Jail)

The Adult Corrections (County Jail) facility.

Juvenile Corrections

The Juvenile Corrections facility.

Rules and Procedures

Rules and procedures for the District Court.

Concealed Carry

Concealed carry laws and resources.


Mediation for child custody, parenting schedules and parenting rights.

Child Protection

Child Protection services offered by area agencies.

Law Library

Open to everyone, the law library provides print and electronic resources for cases.

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement services provided by different departments.


Information and resources for traffic tickets and diversions.

Guardian Ad Litem Panel Pilot Project

Information on Guardian Ad Litem Panel Pilot Project.

When is my court date?

Search for court dates and hearings.

Municipal Courts

Municipal courts are completely separate from the District Court. They handle violations of city ordinances.

Representing Yourself In Court

Representing Yourself In Court