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Valuation Process

All property in the State of Kansas is valued annually as of January 1st. Most property is valued based on its fair market value.[1] Fair market value is the amount an informed buyer is willing to pay, and an informed seller is willing to accept for property in an open market without undue influences.

The Douglas County Appraiser’s Office must follow specific Kansas laws, guidelines, and procedures and must meet the compliance standards set by the State of Kansas Property Valuation Division annually. Buyers and sellers determine market value by their transactions in the marketplace. In Kansas, county appraisal offices have a legal responsibility to analyze those transactions and appraise property based upon what is happening in the marketplace.

Sales are used in connection with cost, income, and other factors to arrive at an appraised value.

NOTE: Exceptions are land devoted to agricultural use, which is valued on its income or productivity, and some commercial and industrial machinery and equipment, which is valued based on a formula set forth in Kansas law.

Property Lookup

To view property record cards or "appraisal cards", visit our Property Lookup application.

Review the information and verify that the characteristics of your property is accurate. 
Depending on the parcel, our office may also have available a cost report and a comparable sales report.
If your property is a commercial building, there may be an income valuation report available.
Take some time to review the provided information. If you think the appraised value is not in-line with what you would reasonably expect the property to sell for or if there are inconsistencies in the data, you should consider an appeal. 

A copy of the publication may be viewed by visiting the web address below.

Kansas PVD Website

The accuracy of values is an important part of a comprehensive compliance review the State of Kansas Property Valuation Division performs on the appraisal process in a county. This annual review has consistently found Douglas County to be in substantial compliance, something both citizens and employees can take pride in.