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The County Appraiser's Office is responsible for the appraisal of all real estate, both commercial and residential, and the appraisal of all personal property in the county. The office also has a GIS/mapping section that provides mapping services for both the county and the public.

What Do Appraisers Do?

The County Appraiser:

  • Is interested in fairness and equity
  • Determines property values, not tax rates
  • Uses formulaic methods to ensure a high level of accuracy

On the other hand, the Appraiser:

  • Does not set tax rates
  • Does not collect taxes
  • Is not focused on tax dollars

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Frequently Asked Questions

Property is not prorated on the tax roll when acquired and is not prorated off the tax roll when disposed of (K.S.A. 79-309). However, private contracts between buyers and sellers will often prorate the property tax. The only exceptions to this… Read More

The Kansas Homestead Refund Act provides a refund to Kansans who own their homes or pay rent and meet ONE of the following three requirements:

  1. you must have been 55 years of age or older on January 1 of the tax year, or,
  2. you… Read More

State law requires the county appraiser to view and inspect all property in the county once every six years. Your county appraiser may view and inspect your property more than once every six years due to market conditions and for quality control… Read More

Motor vehicles are appraised in the following ways:

  • Motorcycles, automobiles and light trucks that are tagged to operate at 20,000 pounds or less on public roads are appraised for tax purposes using a formula set forth in laws. The… Read More

To fall under the tax definition of an "RV" the vehicle must be, among other things, for use on a chassis and designed as living quarters for recreational, camping, vacation or travel use; have a body width not exceeding 8½ feet and a body length… Read More

You can visit the county appraiser's office to review information on similar properties and verify that the information the appraiser's office has on your home is correct. If a neighbor has a similar house which recently sold, the sale price may… Read More

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