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Community education and emergency preparedness.

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We're excited to offer a Community Emergency Response Team Weekend Course on Oct. 13-15! Join us for a weekend of hands on training and instruction to give you the skills and confidence to help yourself, your family and community during and after emergencies.

About CERT Classes

Children's Materials

This is the children's materials page for Douglas County, Kansas. Do you know what to do in case of a tornado or if you have to evacuate from your house? Find out below how to be prepared, or ready, for any emergency situation! Life changing events, or disasters, can happen at anytime and with little to no advanced warning. Tornadoes, floods, fires, and winter storms could leave you and your family without electricity or running water. Disasters can happen to anyone, anywhere! You can reduce the impact of a disaster on you and your family by getting prepared.

Tornado Safety and Awareness

Understanding how to receive severe weather alerts and the appropriate steps to take when those alerts are received is an important part of being prepared. Emergency Management recommends using more than 1 method to receive severe weather alerts. Below are several ways to receive weather alerts.
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