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Rural Services FAQ

What chemicals will work for my situation?

Chemical control is not the only method to treat noxious weeds. If you decide to spray your noxious weeds you can participate in the cost share program through the Douglas County Noxious Weed Department. Chemicals are sold for the treatment of noxious weeds only. Private landowners can purchase 2-4D, Tordon 22K, and Roundup at 75% of the County's purchase price. If you have any questions please call the Douglas County Noxious Weed Department at 785-331-1322. 

What is the policy for controlling dust on the road in front of my house?

Each late-winter, with the approval of the Board of County Commissioners, the Public Works Department has an enrollment period for residents wishing to purchase a "dust control" treatment for the road fronting their property. This is a user-fee program, so the property owner pays up front for the estimated cost of applying the dust control material. In addition, the property owner pays approximately ½ the cost for the road to be prepared for dust control, and an administrative fee to cover our costs of brokering the program. The dust control material is typically applied in late spring

What is the process required to turn a minimum maintenance road into a routine maintenance road?

The process to designate a road as "minimum maintenance" involves a hearing before the local township, the county planning commission, and the Board of County Commissioners. Requests to designate a road as "minimum maintenance" are made to the Public Works Department, 3755 East 25th Street, Lawrence, KS 66046.

If you have any questions you may call the Public Works Department by telephone at 785-832-5293.

What weeds are considered "noxious"?

The Kansas noxious weed law identifies 13 weeds as being noxious that must be controlled. Common infestations in Douglas County are Musk thistle, Johnson grass, Field bindweed, and Sericea lespedeza.

Bull thistle is currently under consideration to be added to the list.

Weed identification and/or treatment plans can be discussed or resolved with the Agricultural Agent at the Douglas County Extension Office. 

When is the Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility open? Which wastes are eligible to be dropped off? Where is it?

The City of Lawrence/Douglas County Household Hazardous Waste program is open for Douglas County residents to drop-off household hazardous waste, or visit the product reuse area. The facility is located at 2201 Kresge Road in Lawrence, and is open Tuesday through Thursday, by appointment only. The facility will be closed on City observed holidays. Materials accepted include unwanted paint, pesticides, cleaners, old mercury thermometers, and batteries.

Who is in charge of maintaining the road in front of my house?

There are several agencies located within Douglas County with rural roadway maintenance responsibilities. State and Federal highways are maintained by the Kansas Department of Transportation. Other major rural routes are maintained by the Douglas County Public Works Department. Local rural roads are maintained by individual townships. Please see the Douglas County Road Map for your specific location, or visit the Roads page to identify which agency is responsible for your specific road(s).