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Voter Registration FAQ

Can I take my citizenship document to the polls in order to vote?

No. If you are required to submit proof of citizenship documentation, must do so prior to Election Day (midnight of the day before) to be eligible to vote.

Once you are successfully registered, you are still required to provide your government-issued photo ID (such as a driver’s license, school ID, or U.S. passport) in order to successfully cast your ballot. Valid forms of photo ID are listed here: Voter ID Requirements (PDF format).

I am unable to provide my proof of citizenship in order to register. Is there any way I can still register to vote?

If you do not have any proof of citizenship, you may appeal to the State Election Board through the Secretary of State's Office using Form RCD (PDF format). The Secretary of State's Office can help with questions on the process at 785-296-4561. Contact our office to review the documents which can be used to satisfy the requirements.

I was born in a state other than Kansas; can I request a free copy of my birth certificate because I want to register to vote in Kansas?

Contact the state which holds your birth certificate to make a request for a copy of your birth certificate, but you are generally responsible for the cost of the document. In cases of financial hardship, Douglas County may be able to provide some of the cost (check with our office).  For more information regarding how to obtain copies of your birth certificate and other vital records, please visit:

I was born in Kansas City, MO in 1978, but I have lived in Baldwin City since 1981. What do I need to do to register to vote?

If registering to vote for the first time, you will need to submit proof of citizenship, regardless of the length of residence in the state. If registered to vote in Kansas prior to January 1, 2013 and still active, you do not need to provide proof of citizenship. There are numerous documents that would satisfy the citizenship document requirement, but if you plan to submit your birth certificate, you would need to contact the state in which your birth certificate record is held, and request/purchase your birth certificate, and then submit the certificate.

I was born in Kansas; do I have to purchase a copy of my birth certificate?

You may be eligible to get a copy of your birth certificate for free. To make the request to receive a copy of your certificate from the Office of Vital Statistics, you can submit Form BCA available from the Douglas County Election Office or the Kansas Secretary of State's Office in order to receive a free certified copy of your birth certificate.