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Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC) Meeting on Tue, November 13, 2018 - 11:00 AM

Meeting Agenda: 


November 13th, 2018
11:00am – 12:30pm
Meeting at Douglas County Fairgrounds, Flory Meeting Hall
1. Review and approve CJCC meeting minutes from October 18th, 2018
2. Bylaws change proposal - Bieniecki
3. Strategic plan draft – Bieniecki
4. Kansas Leadership Center grant - Bieniecki
5. New business/discussion
6. Public comment
2019 meetings
January 8th
March 12th
June 11th
September 10th
November 12th
Meeting Location: 
Flory Building, Douglas County Fairgrounds
Street Address: 
2110 Harper Street, Lawrence, Kansas 66044
Meeting Minutes: 

Criminal Justice Coordinating Council Tuesday, November 13, 2018
11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Those in attendance included: Pam Weigand, Jennifer Ananda, Edith Guffey, Patrick Schmitz, Emily Hail, Charles Branson and Scott Miller. Ex-Officio members included: Craig Weinaug and Mike Brouwer. Also in attendance: Robert Bieniecki, CJCC Coordinator, Trent McKinley, Sarah Plinsky, Bob Tryanski, and Jill Jolicoeur.

There was not a quorum at the meeting to approve the minutes. Minutes for 11-13-18 will be considered at the 01-08-19 meeting.

Bieniecki reviewed proposed new wording with the council in attendance which included crossing out the goal statement because the purpose of the council covers the goals. New language was added regarding values and beliefs, an annual review, as well as a strategic plan with goals. Bieniecki plans to distribute proposed changes in the next few weeks and to vote on revised language at the January meeting.

Discussion included visiting the idea of adding to the council membership, adding previous members as non-voting members to help transition new members, and that the County Commission should have the ability to review the bylaws as they created the CJCC.

Bieniecki suggested publishing the Strategic Plan on the County website. He would also like to see the council agree on the seven goals (included in the meeting packet). No one at the meeting disagreed.

Discussion included: adding language for a goal of reducing the number of people incarcerated with behavioral health issues, language related to Juvenile Justice Reform and how it relates to mandates.

Bieniecki stated the Kansas Leadership Center Grant covers 40 positions for training in Wichita and some in Kansas City. The training cost is covered, but the travel and lodging costs are not. He wants anyone interested to take advantage of this program which includes three courses: Lead for change (2 sessions); You Lead Now; and Equip to Lead. Lori Alvarado will help recruit attendees.


  • There was discussion on upcoming meetings for 2019. Tuesday appears to be the most favorable days for the judges. There were no suggested date changes
  • There will be a December 17 meeting with the Council State Government (CSG) to look at data. This will be a combined presentation with the work group and council. Bieniecki will put out a membership invite
  • We are looking at using the Dreher Building on the Douglas County Fairgrounds for some of the upcoming meetings with lunch provided
  • Branson stated the Supreme Court has established a committee to look at pretrial issues which includes Branson and local attorney Todd Thompson. The working group will have an 18 month charge and will make recommendations for the State to adopt. The first meeting has not been   scheduled yet. It will be great having Douglas County representation on this committee


Ananda moved to adjourn the meeting. Motion was seconded by Miller and passed.

Next meeting: January 8, 2019; Dreher Building Douglas County Fairgrounds; 11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Lunch will be provided.