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Commission Board Meeting on Wed, December 13, 2017 - 4:00 PM and 6:00 PM

Meeting Agenda: 

4:00 p.m.

-Presentation of Cookingham Award to Craig Weinaug

(1) (a)  Consider approval of Commission Orders; and
(b) Consider approval of Class “B” Club License for Little Reno, Inc. DBA Paradise Saloon  
 (Clerk’s Office);
(c) Consider approval of Cereal Malt Beverage License for Flamingo Enterprises/The Bird of Lawrence (Clerk’s Office);
  (d) Consider approval of Cereal Malt Beverage license for Clinton Submarina (Clerk’s Office);
 (e) Consider approval of Cereal Malt Beverage license for Clinton Marina (Clerk’s Office);
 (f) Consider approval of application for an authorized emergency vehicle permit for Duane Filkins
  (Sheriff’s Office);
 (g) Authorization to enter into engineering services agreement 2018 bridge inspection services; Project No. 2018-02 (Keith Browning);
 (h) Consider contracts for District Court remodel project (Jackie Waggoner)
 (i) Consider contract for legal research for the District Court (Jackie Waggoner); and
 (k) Consideration of the 2018 Heritage Conservation Council’s Natural & Cultural Grant Program Materials (Jan Shupert-Arick)

(2) Approve the 2017-2021 capital Improvement Plan (Sarah Plinsky/Keith Browning)

(3) Economic Development Update (Larry McElwain)-No backup

(4) (a) Consider approval of Accounts Payable (if necessary)  
(b) Appointments  
-Board of Zoning Appeals (1) positions 10/17
-Building Code of Appeals Board (2) positions 12/16
-Community Corrections Advisory Board (1) position 
-Senior Services Board of Directors (3) positions
 (c)  Public Comment
(d) Miscellaneous


6:00 p.m.
(5) Public hearing to accept public comment on amending the 2017 Budget; and action from the Commission to amend the 2017 budget (Cammy Owens)

(6) Mental Health Update (Bob Tryanski)

(7) Adjourn

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Meeting Location: 
County Courthouse
Street Address: 
1100 Massachusetts St, Lawrence, KS 66044, USA