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Commission Board Meeting on Wed, July 9, 2014 - 8:30 AM

Meeting Agenda: 

Budget Hearings/Commission Meeting items:

  • All times are approximate. Specific discussions may occur before or after the times scheduled.




  • Consider approval of the minutes for April 30, May 14, May 21 and May 28, 2014
  • Determine 2015 road maintenance budget for the Hesper Charter Road Improvement District (Public Works)-Continued into Public Works budget discussion at 8:35 a.m.

8:35-9:30 Discussion of Public Works and/or Administrative issues

9:30-10:30 Discussion of issues involving the Sheriff’s Office including: discussion of request for (8) full-time    corrections officers, (1) re-entry risk reduction coordinator, (5) deputies for the patrol division, and (3) dispatchers for  Emergency Communications (Ken McGovern and Scott Ruf

10:30-  Discussion of Administrative issues including:

  1. Funding contingencies for various state funded positions including (2) community corrections  surveillance officers; (1) full-time emergency management planner and (1) part-time administrative secretary
  2. Pay adjustment
  3. Any other issues the Commission wishes to discuss.
Meeting Location: 
County Courthouse
Street Address: 
1100 Massachusetts Street, Lawrence, KS 66044, USA
Meeting Minutes: 

Thellman called the regular meeting to order at 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday, July 9, 2014, with all members present.

MINUTES 07-09-14

Thellman moved to approve the minutes for April 30, may 14, May 21 and May 28, 2014. Motion was seconded by Gaughan and carried 3-0.


FLory moved to approve the 2015 Road Maintenance Budget for the Hesper Charter Road Improvements District in the total amount of $40,000. Motion was seconded by Thellman and carried 3-0.

BUDGET 07-09-14

The Board conducted 2015 budget hearings.

No action was taken.


Thellman moved to approve accounts payable in the amount of $1,112,194.20 to be paid on 07/10/14. Motion was seconded by Flory and carried 3-0.

Thellman moved to adjourn the meeting; Flory seconded and the motion carried 3-0.

Nancy Thellman, Chair

Jim Flory, Vice-Chair


Jamie Shew, County Clerk

Mike Gaughan, Member