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About Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC)

The Local Emergency Planning Committee of Douglas County, Kansas.

In 1986, Congress passed the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act (SARA) which established a national baseline with regard to planning, response, management and training for hazardous materials emergencies. SARA mandated the establishment of both state and local planning groups to develop and review hazardous materials response plans.

The state planning groups are referred to as the State Emergency Response Commissions (SERC) and are responsible for developing and maintaining the state's emergency response plan.

The Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) is responsible for developing an emergency plan to prepare for and respond to chemical emergencies within the community. It is the main function of the LEPC to look after community interests in regard to hazardous incidents that may occur there. The LEPC is the coordinating point for both planning and training activities at the local level.

The LEPC also receives emergency release and chemical inventory information submitted by local industrial facilities and makes this information available to the community it serves.

In addition to its formal responsibilities, the LEPC often serves as a focal point for information and discussions about hazardous substances. The LEPC's ability to improve and maintain the safety and health of its community is greatly enhanced by the support of an informed citizenry.

The Douglas County Emergency Management Agency is the local Community Right-to-Know resource for hazardous material information. Anyone desiring information concerning LEPC meetings, SARA Title lll hazardous materials planning which is included in the Douglas County Emergency Operations Plan, materials safety data sheets (MSDS), and hazardous chemical inventory forms listing extremely hazardous substances manufactured, stored, or used within Douglas County can be obtained during normal business hours by contacting Douglas County Emergency Management at 785-832-5259.

All meetings are on the first Wednesday of the month, at 8:30 a.m. The Executive Committee meets in the EOC at the Law Enforcement Center. The location of the Board meeting varies. Agenda packets are emailed out 1 week before the scheduled meeting and contain information regarding the location of the quarterly Board meeting.

Board Members

Douglas County Emergency Management LEPC Board Membership

Governing Bodies (appointed by governing bodies)
Member Title
Bob Newton Appointee of Douglas County Commission
Ken Keiter Appointee of Eudora City Council
Wayne Riley Appointee of Lecompton City Council
Truman "Bud" Waugh Appointee of Lawrence City Commission
Kenny Oschel Appointee of Baldwin City Council


Emergency Support Functions
Member Title/Organization
Transportation ESF #1
Lane Sekavec Union Pacific Railroad
Richard Haig Lawrence Municipal Airport Advisory Board
Emergency Communications ESF #2
Richard Barr Emergency Communications Center
Public Works & Engineering ESF #3
Tammy Bennett City of Lawrence Public Works
Keith Browning Douglas County Public Works
Jeanette Klamm City of Lawrence Utilities
Sean Reid Douglas County Zoning and Codes
Fire, ESF #4
Mike Baxter Douglas County Fire Chiefs Association
Emergency Management ESF #5
Andrew Foster University of Kansas Public Safety
Mass Care, Housing, and Human Services ESF #6
Matthew Golubski American Red Cross Capital Area Chapter
Resource Management ESF #7
Shelly Hornbaker Roger Hill Volunteer Center
Public Health and Medical Services ESF #8
Tom Damewood Lawrence Memorial Hospital
Sonia Jordan Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department
Roy Morehead US Public Health Service
Melanie Coen Heartland Community Health Center
Kim Scarbrough Polson Health Care Access
Search & Rescue, ESF #9
Shaun Coffey Lawrence-Douglas County Fire Medical
HazMat, ESF #10
Shaun Coffey Lawrence-Douglas County Fire Medical
Agriculture/Natural Resources ESF #11
Midge Grinstead State Animal Response Team
Paul Marksbury Lawrence Humane Society
Energy and Utilities ESF #12
Tesa Green Black Hills Energy
Stone Junod Westar Energy
Law Enforcement, ESF #13
Jim Martin Douglas County Sheriff's Office
Greg Neis Baldwin Police Department
Trent McKinley Lawrence Police Department
Chris Keary University of Kansas Public Safety
Bill Edwards/Wes Lovett Eudora Police Department
Public Information ESF #15
Porter Arneill City of Lawrence
Bob Newton Douglas County Emergency Management
Chemical Preparedness
Khalil Byrd ChemTrade
Joseph Baranski Hallmark Cards
Kay Johnson ProSoCo
Alfred Lugo US Public Health Service
Community Group
Kristin Vernon Headquarters Counseling Center
Nicole Rials Bert Nash CMHC
Kim Murphree LDS Church
Kristin Magette Eudora Public Schools
TBD Baker University
Ron May Lawrence Public Schools
Mike Russell University of Kansas
Gary Goombi Haskell Indian Nations University
Chris Lesser ProSoCo
Larry Gray ICL
Jason Schuler US Public Health Service
Facility, Industry
Russell Epperson API Foils
Social Service Agency
Shannon Oury Lawrence Housing Authority
Matthew Faulk Bert Nash CMHC


Officers & Executive Committee Members
Trent McKinley, Chair
Mike Russell, Vice Chair
Tom Damewood
Jeanette Klamm
Shaun Coffey